Join Team Stop Underrides!

Join Team Stop Underrides!

The Stop Underrides! Bill was co-lead and introduced 12/12/2017 by Senator Gillibrand and Senator Rubio in a bipartisan effort to stem the tide of truck underride fatalities. It’s not a new problem! For more than fifty years, vulnerable road users (VRU’s), motorcyclists and vehicle passengers have been crushed and killed when they get trapped under a trailer. It happened to my daughter, to the Karth daughters and  countless other souls. Underride can happen to anyone…at anytime…in any place.

How can you help? Join Team Stop Underrides! Send us an email letting us know you’ll support this life saving legislation. Please call your Senators and representatives to express support.  Let your legislators know that you want them to endorse the Stop Underrides Act! Ask for a Stop Underrides bumper sticker to help spread awareness. Reach out to family, friends, neighbors and coworkers – ask them to disseminate information to their network of family and friends.

Ultimately, it’s those that share the road with tractor trailers that will decide if they want to protect loved ones from truck underride. Life is precious – please help us mitigate the risk of death by comprehensive protection around tractor trailers!


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