History Marianne Karth Reflected On Today

History Marianne Karth Reflected On Today

(Written by Marianne Karth)

This morning, I was reflecting for a moment on how this drafted comprehensive underride protection legislation began back in March. Here are a few interesting things which I posted about during that time (and since):

2 Moms Share Their Safer Truck Message in Hallways & Hearings on The Hill
DOT Regulatory Priorities for 2017
2 Moms, Sick & Tired of Waiting, Draft Truck Underride Legislation
2 Moms Collaborate With Innovative & Insightful Truck Industry Leaders
Heading for DC to Discuss the Need for the Best Possible Underride Protection on All Trucks
If this had been a real-life crash, side underride would be avoided & people in the car would have survived!
Australian Engineer Comments on U.S. Underride Protection
2 moms going back to DC. Ready to shed light on the problem of truck underride & the need for change.
Sen. @CoryBooker gave me directions & carried my bag from Union Station to The Hill
Thanks @SenMarkey for pausing on the sidewalk to hear our stories.
In Memory of loved ones who died in Wars in this country, including over 3.5 million in “Car Safety Wars”
WUSA9 Underride Series Sheds Light on Deadly Truck Underride Tragedies & Solutions
Deadly crashes spur calls for tractor-trailer side guards AP, July 30, 2017
Animated Illustration of Airflow Deflector’s AngelWing Side Guard
-WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT? Because it is not necessarily always the collision of a passenger vehicle with a large truck which causes horrific deaths and injuries but rather the collision of the truck with the passenger occupant space in the SECOND COLLISION which occurs with truck underride. This is what we aim to end.

Truck Underride 101: Part V. Bipartisan Discussion of Legislative Strategy
Would you want to be in this car?

Moms Who Lost Daughters In Truck Underride Collisions Push for Greater Safety NPR

This has truly been a team effort!


We also handed Senator Thune a petition consisting of over 10,000 signatures calling for side underride protection!


Remembering Roya Through the Kind Comments of Those Who Knew Her

Remembering Roya Through the Kind Comments of Those Who Knew Her

Today I was searching for underride information online – to my surprise the following comments “popped up” and were written at the time I lost my beloved daughter.  Roya was so loved by everyone who had the good fortune to know her.  It was an absolute blessing to read each heartfelt note.  It’s been twelve years – the pain of her loss is always present.  Roya was a gift from God and it was a privilege to be Roya’s mom – I will love her forever. 

November 27, 2004 | Geneva, IL

I just found out about Roya’s passing. I am so sorry to hear. I will always remember her as that sweet and kind girl from high school. May the Lord comfort your family.

My heartfelt condolences go out to your family during  difficult time. I was a classmate of Roya’s at Faith Christian in Geneva, and also a sometimes patient of Dr. Sadigh. God Bless you all this.

Roya touched so many people in such a short time. And I was fortunate enough to know her. Words can’t begin to express who Roya was, who she was going to become, or the sadness and sympathy I want to convey. Your family is in our thoughts.

 I am very sorry for your loss. I knew Roya through Cyrus, she was a very sweet and gentle soul. God bless you and give comfort to your family

Dear Dr. Sadigh, Lois, Anthony & Kerri, Chris, and Sarah,
We were priviledged to have known and loved Roya. We will always have our very lovely memories of her. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with each of you at this time and always.

Tom, Diana, Jeff & Greg Soltess

November 29, 2004 | St. Charles, IL

I have not been in touch with Roya for several years, but she was someone who left an impact on your soul. I still think of her often, and our friendship was such that it will never be forgotten. My deepest sympathies to the Sadigh family, and all who were a part of Roya’s life; I am so sorry for your loss. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Roya, I know you are up there looking down on us today. I can’t wait to see you again in heaven and give you a big hug. You will always be Anthony’s little sister to me Roya. I am so thankful to have known you, and will never forget you. My heart goes out to Anthony, Chris, Sarah, and Mr. and Mrs. Sadigh. You are in our thoughts in prayers.

To the Sadigh family,
Words cannot express the deep sorrow that my family and I feel at your incomprehensible loss. Roya and I have not been in touch for more than 10 years but she is very present in my heart. She contributed so much to my childhood and was such a positive, caring, giving and loving person. I will never forget spending time with the extraordinary Sadigh family. My family feels blessed with the gift of knowing and sharing special times with Roya. Our thoughts and…

On our way to Florida we stopped in Chattagoona for the night. We had great fun sleeping in a train car hotel.

We had so much fun putting on a gymnastic show for the whole beach.
Our (Desmond) family trip with Roya to Florida. Roya permanently captured a piece of my whole family’s heart. There, she will always remain present.

Anthony, my heart aches for your and your family’s sorrow. You will be in my prayers.

It is with much mourning and utmost sympathy for Roya’s family and friends that I write. Roya had been with us for only a few months and was working so hard to develop her career. It was always a pleasure when she stopped by the office to pick things up or drop them off. She smiled from her very soul and that affected all who met her. Roya will be sorely missed as part of Carabiner Surgical. It was an honor to work with her. God Bless the Sadigh family as they mourn this most tragic loss….

Roya, a beautiful face, with beautiful grace, a shiny star, FOREVER. We miss you & love you as God wraps his arms around you.

To the Sadigh family: It has been a blessing to know and love your wonderful family. We are always here for you.

Love, Walter & Louise Nanashko

Roya made a positive impact on every person she met, her smile was contagious. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Sadigh family through this difficult time.

We are deeply sadden by the loss of Roya, a beautiful face with beautiful grace. A shiny star forever.
To the wonderful Sadigh family: It has been a blessing to know and love you and we share your pain and are here always for you.

Within minutes of meeting Roya we could easily see what a charming, caring and beautiful person she was. We are so sorry we didn’t have more than a few months to get to know such a wonderful person even better. Our hearts go out to her family, friends and Joe. You all have our most heartfelt and deepest sympathies.

Although we only knew Roya for a short time, it was apparent to us what a beautiful person she was on the inside and out. We are deeply saddened by her loss, and for the pain those who knew her are all going through. Our deepest condolences go out to her family and to Joe.

Please accept my deepest sympathy and that of all of the staff of The Schaumburg Treatment Center. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this devastating time.

I am so saddened by the loss of this fine young lady. The Sadigh Family has always stood out in my mind as well-balanced, very respectful to each other, and others, and very loving. Roya carried these great attributes with grace. My deepest sympathy to your family.

We are deeply saddened for your loss and pray for your family.

My heart will forever ache from this loss. You were one of the best friends I’ve ever had and I can’t bear to see your family in this pain. I will forever talk about your unconditional love and loyalty to me, and the powerful love you expressed over your family. Angel, enjoy the wings. I love you.

I only worked with Roya for a few years at Bank One, but she was someone with great promise. I am so sorry for your loss.

WUSA9 Exposes the Truth about Truck Underride

WUSA9 Exposes the Truth about Truck Underride

We have all been on the roads when we are either passing a semi tractor-trailer or they are passing us.  Along the sides of the truck, there are almost four feet from the pavement to the bottom of the trailer.  People are instinctively uncomfortable when they travel near trucks with open space between the front and rear tires.  Cars can … and do go under the sides of trailers with deadly consequences hundreds of times every year.

WUSA9 recently began a series of reports on truck underride. Marianne Karth described the horrific crash that claimed the lives of her precious daughters, AnnaLeah and Mary.   I also shared how a truck side underride claimed the life of my beloved daughter, Roya.  Truck underride IS preventable! Every truck and trailer in the USA needs comprehensive underride protection.  Let’s stop the truck underride carnage!

How You Can Help

Benefits of side underride guards for semitrailers

Benefits of side underride guards for semitrailers

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently tested a side underride guard for the first time. In the video above, you can compare the effects of the guard with a collision that does not include a guard and see the dramatically different results.

Side Underride Crashes Kill 200 People a Year. Will Congress Act?

Side Underride Crashes Kill 200 People a Year. Will Congress Act?

A news story that includes an interview with Lois Durso about her daughter’s tragic death:

It’s one of the most devastating traffic accidents: A car slams into the side of a tractor-trailer and crashes underneath, where many of its safety features are rendered worthless. The top of the vehicle may be sheared off; in many cases, the occupants are decapitated.

Side Underride Crashes Kill 200 People a Year. Will Congress Act?

Moms Who Lost Daughters In Truck Underride Collisions Push for Greater Safety

Moms Who Lost Daughters In Truck Underride Collisions Push for Greater Safety

A news story about Lois Durso’s quest for safer trucks:

Marianne Karth and Lois Durso are two mothers on a mission to prevent truck underride collisions. Underride crashes — when a car collides with a truck and gets lodged underneath — are among the most fatal types of accidents on the road. A vehicle’s passenger compartment is often crushed or ripped off.

Read the whole thing: Moms Who Lost Daughters In Truck Underride Collisions Push for Greater Safety